August 30, 2011

Not going to lie, I feel honoured as fuck.

The Stacy/Thai Go duo spearheaded a surprise going away party for yours truly even if I don’t deserve it. It being summer and schedules being crazy those who couldn’t make it made sure we crossed paths beforehand and most importantly didn’t spoil the surprise. They planned everything out, starting with Korean x Japanese food downtown at Shabusan then flowed in plenty of drinking, more friends, and other good mental notes until 4. Thank you, each and everyone of you that made that happen; for real. ¬†Definitely beat the packing I was supposed to do that night.

Though that made me late for picking mom up at the airport, we still had fam time, last dinners,blessings and all those random traditions #FOBlife and finally preparation. 

Boarding in the morning. 

Stay Tried, Stay True.


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